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Our solution

Searching for parking in the city can be annoying, costs the driver a lot of money and stress, and it's a burden on our environment. ALMO wants to change that...Now city drivers can mount the clever little ALMO Chip in their vehicle and connect it to the ALMO App on their smartphone to find parking with ease. When an ALMO Chip user is about to leave their parking space, ALMO detects it and alerts other ALMO users that there's a free spot. ALMO is so smart that it will alert users of  parking spots 60 seconds before they become available!

Get set ... go!

Order your free ALMO Chip - a tiny

piece of hardware that you simply

mount in your car.

Download the ALMO App onto

your smartphone and off you go!

Your data is safe with us

Data protection is important to us. Therefore, we only collect personal data when it is absolutely necessary. We work 100% in accordance with the General Data

Protection Regulation and your location data is never

merged with any of your other personal data. This is why your data is safe with us.

We make cities greener

You love the city you live in and so do we. That’s why we are environmentally conscious. Our plan is to reduce the harmful emissions of city driving by at

least 20%. We’ll do this by implementing our efficient parking solution, therefore reducing cruise traffic congestion, carbon emissions and noise pollution.

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