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Mobility must become sustainable. Time is of the essence. Even if all new vehicle registrations in Europe were only electric, it would still take 10 years before 50% of traffic would be emission-free. That is too long! 


We are building a solution that can be implemented immediately and turns every car into a connected car in no time at all. If a person saves only 50% of their time searching for a parking space with our solution, they also save 50% of their costs and reduce their mobile CO2 contribution by more than 20%. 


We want to grow strongly and attract as many drivers as possible to our Connected Cars community. For this we need money as well as a highly motivated team and world-class partners. 


In order to realize our vision for Europe and beyond, we plan to issue a limited number of shares in AlterMobili, which will be made available via a renowned crowdfunding platform for a minimum deposit of 50€. We expect this equity crowdfunding campaign to move quickly. So please register on this page so we can contact you as soon as we’re ready to go. This is your opportunity to own part of our business and get on board the AlterMobili team! 

My expected investment: