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Parking made easy!

ALMO App finds you parking in the city with the help of other drivers...

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... and the ALMO chip finds your car and helps against parking tickets and overpayments.

ALMO is the quickest way to find parking

ALMO not only finds you already available parking spots, but also parking that will be cleared in 60 seconds so you can snap it up before someone else does!

ALMO remembers where you parked

Forgotten where you've parked? ALMO's " Find-My-Car" guides you to where you last parked.

ALMO stops parking tickets and overpayment

No more overpayments and parking tickets? ALMO automatically detects when you park and unpark your car and reminds you to start and stop the payment process for your parking spots.

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Our solution

Searching for parking in the city can be annoying, costs the driver a lot of money and stress, and it's a burden on our environment. ALMO wants to change that...Now city drivers can mount the clever little ALMO Chip in their vehicle and connect it to the ALMO App on their smartphone to find parking with ease. When an ALMO Chip user is about to leave their parking space, ALMO detects it and alerts other ALMO users that there's a free spot. ALMO is so smart that it will alert users of  parking spots 60 seconds before they become available!

Get set ... go!

Order your free ALMO Chip - a tiny

piece of hardware that you simply

mount in your car.

Download the ALMO App onto

your smartphone and off you go!

Your data is safe with us

Data protection is important to us. Therefore, we only collect personal data when it is absolutely necessary. We work 100% in accordance with the General Data

Protection Regulation and your location data is never

merged with any of your other personal data. This is why your data is safe with us.

We make cities greener

You love the city you live in and so do we. That’s why we are environmentally conscious. Our plan is to reduce the harmful emissions of city driving by at

least 20%. We’ll do this by implementing our efficient parking solution, therefore reducing cruise traffic congestion, carbon emissions and noise pollution.

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About us

AlterMobili is a Munich-based Smart Mobility start-up. We have set ourselves the goal of solving traffic congestion and environmental problems within the city using technology and the help of drivers. We aim to support vehicular means of transportation, improve our environment and make our cities greener. Time is of the essence and we can no longer wait for big solutions from politics and industry. We know that sustainable transportation is only possible if all road users have accurate and up to date information. Our solution is to connect all cars, regardless of their type or age. Our patent- pending technology turns every car into a connected car. We use smart technology and the collective intelligence of car drivers to ensure a fully networked, efficient and sustainable mobility. 

Our primary goal is to reduce parking-search traffic by 30% and to reduce the number of individual trips to busy destinations with a low chance of finding parking by 50%. To achieve this, ALMO connects cars to our Connected Cars Community via the "ALMO" Chip mounted in the car and connected to the ALMO app. When an ALMO user is about to vacate a parking spot, ALMO detects this and alerts other ALMO users of the free space. ALMO is so smart that it even indicates parking opportunities up to 60 seconds before they clear. This means that only ALMO users know when another ALMO user is leaving a parking spot. This enables us to reduce vehicular congestion and eliminate searching for parking.

Facts on the searching for parking:

  • Causes 30% more traffic  
    Parking search causes one third of the traffic in European city centres.

  • Contributes 1,3 kilograms of CO2 emission annually.
    Every driver emits an average of 1.3 kg CO2 into the air while searching for a parking space.

  • Costs 896 euros per year
    In Germany drivers lose an average of 896 euros annually on searching for parking.

  • 10 minutes wasted on searching for parking
    On average, it takes a driver 10 minutes to find a parking space within the city.

  • 4,5 kilometers per search
    On average, a driver travels 4.5 kilometres to find a parking space within the city.

  • 23 hours parked
    On average, vehicles are parked up for 23 hours per day

Our goals for Europe are for a significant reduction of emissions created by parking search traffic and to make cities greener while maintaining individual mobility. To achieve this, we are building a sustainable company.

Our goals as a company for the EU:


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